If you would like to pay your dues online, here’s how the process works…

  1. You will receive an e-mail from the RMC Treasurer indicating that your dues are due. In that e-mail there should be a Pay Now link. Click that link… (if for some reason the link is not present in the body of the e-mail, then open the invoice (a .pdf file attached to the e-mail) and click the link that is in the invoice). If that fails, contact me — treasurer@rockymtnchorale.org .pay_now_linkClicking the link takes you to the Intuit Payment Network website.
  2. 1st screen — Payment InfoIPN_pg1
    1. Amount due —  the amount being requested may not be the correct amount for you. Please determine the amount that is correct for you (see here for details) and type that amount into the ‘Payment Amount’ field.
    2. Payment Amount — how much you intend to pay (may be different from what is indicated in ‘Amount Due’ field)
    3. Payment Method — click the button for how you’d like to pay (credit/debit card or bank transfer) and fill in your information (i.e. in fields elsewhere on the screen – not shown above)
    4. Email Address — Used only to send you an e-mail confirming your payment. If you mis-type this you won’t get that e-mail, so double-check your entry.
    5. Click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen (not shown) to go to the 2nd and final screen
  3. 2nd screen — Review & Send Paymentipn_pg2
    1. Double-check the amount that you are paying
    2. Double-check the e-mail address
    3. If you are paying something other than the standard “individual” dues ($75), please include a note in the ‘Personal Message’ area telling me how to apply your payment. Or you can send me an e-mail.  But no worries… I’ll contact you if I don’t understand how to apply your payment.
    4. Click the ‘Send Payment’ button and…. You’re done!