Thanks to Lance Masoner, here are a couple of videos from our Fall 2017 Concert, “Journey Home.”

You Tube – RMC Unclouded Day

You Tube – RMC 900 Miles Video

Thanks to Lance Masoner, we now have videos of parts of the Polenc’s Gloria, which we did with orchestra in the Spring 2017 concert.


Our Spring 2015 concert was a hit! As always, we had a standing ovation.
Here is a video of our opening number, Mozart’s Veni Sancte Spiritus.

Another of our numbers was the Japanese Folk song, Takeda Lullaby. It is a lovely blend of eastern and western music styles.

The following video is from our Fall 2014 concert. It is the popular Woodchoppers’ Ball. Notice the people jitterbugging in the aisles at about 2:14. We DO have fun!

Here is Schubert’s Ave Maria from our Fall 2011 concert.